The Necklace Project - Illuminating Communities
An inter-municipal collaboration for public art

The Necklace Project is imagined as 10 public art projects threaded together as individual jewels on a necklace of common purpose and inter-municipal collaboration in 10 municipalities throughout Metro Vancouver.

Each work of art will illuminate the unique qualities of the host municipality through the artistic expression of the contribution it makes to the culture and life of the Lower Mainland. Revealing an inner light of each community - its history, its diversity or a truth of its underlying nature, exceptional in day and night, each work will be integral to its strategically selected site in each municipality.

Artists are challenged "to transcend the ordinary, transform the average and inspire thought, action and emotion."

  1. To commission a series of 10 public art installations connected through the metaphor of a theme.
  2. To engage the viewer thus compelling a visit to all the sites in the project.
  3. To create a framework for inter-municipal collaborative projects.
  4. To celebrate and promote the achievement of this project.

The Necklace Project throughout its inception and progress is an example of a unique commitment that the ten municipalities made to a joint vision and concept of collaboration. The collaboration established a common understanding of the role public art has in our communities and in this instance provided a strong feeling of belonging to larger community of practice in this field. It traced out some innovative interactions, support mechanisms and shared efforts for all the participating partners. It is expected that as each project is completed the linkage that was established will be strengthened over time.